Lack of Motivation


I think I need a holiday.

Or I need the listing fairy to come and pay a visit to my office.

I just can't seem to get up the motivation to do ANYTHING with the huge pile of books that seem to be breeding in my house.

I am currently using every trick I can think of to NOT have to sit here and put these books on eBay

I'm using the excuse of my website not being up and running yet. Well, that's not quite right. It WAS running but I found I had been sold a product that was nothing like I had asked for and wasn't able to hold anywhere near the capacity I had told them I needed, so I pulled the plug and am just waiting (don't ask me what for though) to redesign it, and get it hosted with someone else.
But I'm not really sure how long I can use this excuse for. I have a perfectly good vehicle for selling books via my eBay store and that works well enough - so I should just hop to it.

But I really feel like chucking a sickie - which is such an Aussie thing to do. The problem with this is I know the boss really well and I'm pretty sure she'd know that I was lying ;)

Oh well, off to the third kids party for today. I think that's a pretty good reason to not start listing books right now. Maybe I'll do them when I get home?

Or I might have to clean the bathrooms, wash the dog, get the washing off the line, make dinner and listen to the kids reading.

I wonder if there's a fairy for all of that too?

Or do we just call them our husbands?

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