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Sarah Linton has fled to Atlanta seeking refuge from the patient in her ER, she'll find herself deeply ensnared in a case which rips the lid off secrets as dark and complex as they are disturbing. When Special Agents Will Trent and Faith Mitchell join forces to probe into the life of the victim, they embark on an investigation which will change all of them forever.

Wow this was good! I don't know if it's because it's been a while since I have read this genre (I've been scratching a Paranormal Romance itch for the last 6 months or so) of if it's just a brilliant book but I loved it. This is all-time favourite genre though so it was a very comfortable read.

But when I say comfortable, I don't mean the content. This woman can write a good story can't she?

The characters were really well formed. And this is really good because it appears to be the first book in a new series, and I  sometimes find it can take the characters a few books to get to know (when written in a series) and I really want to know them in the first book. I didn't feel that I was missing too much of the main characters personalities and histories when I read this. She has done a great job with the backgrounds and I can't wait to read more.

I love the idea of Agent Will Trent having a secret that only his partner and his boss know. It makes him seem so real and more than a little appealing. I felt a connection to this character straight away, I guess I was glad to be one of only a few to know his secret (well, me and the other 500,000 people that have read the book).

I understand (or maybe I just made this bit up, but it sounds good) that Dr Linton will be a part of the series which is great. She's good for the story. I'd like to see her relationship develop (or not) with Will, and to see how she &  Agent Mitchell work together and as partners with Will.
I also really enjoyed the mindgames of this book. It's been a while since I've read this type of book and I realised I've missed it. I've been reading these types of books since I discovered Dean Koontz when I was around 13 and have devoured them ever since. I know it's a great book when I have to finish it the night I start it because I HAVE to know what happens. Mo Hayder did exactly the same thing for me with Birdman.

Scared me so much I couldn't put it down until it was finished.

And to me, this is the sign of an excellent writer.

Interesting enough, someone I know has recently said that they haven't read another Karin Slaughter after they became so upset with the ending of the book they had just finished. This person was most incensed about this and felt completely duped (I don't know which book she was referring though). I also think this is a sign of a good writer (although you don't want to alienate them completely Smiley) because she has got this reader so completely involved with the story and she has evoked such a huge emotion in this particular reader that the reader has actually taken action because of this book. Surely that is a writers goal in writing a book? They want their readers to feel as passionate about their books as they, the author does.

Anyway, I for one can't wait to read more. And I promise if I don't like the ending to keep reading more Smiley

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