Book Club


Nearly 3 years ago 7 of us came together with one goal in mind.

To talk about books.

Oh – and to drink Margarita’s.

We came from a variety of backgrounds and have all since become really good friends.

Our book club is a little different to the norm. It’s based on another friends book club and, I guess it seems to be a little more like a library than a book club but it works for us.

Each month (or 6 weeks depending on when we can get a time to suit us all) someone has a turn to host.

That person will spend around $70 on books (as there are 7 of us that seemed like a fair number). They can buy whatever they want too. It may be just one very expensive book, or 70 $1 books. They can be in whatever genre they like. The theory is that they have to try and read the books before book club night (that doesn’t happen though) so they can give us an idea of what the book is about. Then the books go into a big crate/box and we choose what we want to read for the month. Usually we take a couple of books.

During the evening we take it in turns to talk about the books we’ve read over the last month. It’s not structured, and sometimes it’s the very last thing we discuss. Our husbands/partners have all been very surprised to hear that we DO actually talk about books at some stage during the evening. I think they all just assumed it was a gossip session!

Then, at the end of the year we get back the books we’ve bought – so they are ours to keep.

We decided to do things a little differently last month. We each picked out a book for someone else to read. We were finding that we were tending to stick to the genres that we liked, and the general idea of book club is to try something out of your comfort zone.

Last year one of our members left town, and moved 2 hours south. Our last bookclub was a little sad as we were defintely missing her. But it’s given us an excuse to have a ‘Roadtrip Book Club” once every 3 months or so. We all pack up and head down to her town for a weekend. Books, Margaritas, blenders, chocolate and wine are all packed very carefully into the car and off we go. We had a practice run a few weeks after she moved down there and it worked beautifully so we’re all really looking forward to our next one soon.

We’ve also agreed to let in a couple of ‘newbies’. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully they are ok with how we do things. I hope they know how to mix a good Margarita! Perhaps that should be one of the critera for joining?

You will find a list on the blog of Book Club books. They are just the ones I have read.